How to enable automatic payment/subscription?

At HostBee you can enable automatic payments for your bills. You can set automatic paymnet for an invoice/product only if the due date of the invoice isn't reached.

You can enable autopay via the following steps:

1) Login to your HostBee client area (

2) Select the Unpaid Invoice once you are logged in by selecting the pay now button as the image below.

3) This will list all your invoices (both paid and unpaid). Next select the "Unpaid" button next to the invoice for which you need to create auto pay subscription.


4) This will open up the invoice and there you need to choose from the payment methods available, i.e; either PayPal or Credit Card as shown in the image below:


5) Once your desired payment option is selected, you need to enable recurring payment.

   a)  For Credit Card recurring payment:

    (i)  Select " Create Automated Recurring Subscription" on top of the invoice page.


 (ii) Enter the details of the Card in the pop up box Opened to complete the payment.



b) For PayPal:

 (i) Select the "PayPal Subscribe" option on top of the Invoice Page.



  (ii) This will redirect you to the PayPal website and you can enter the details as requested to complete the payment and once the Payment is completed the Subscription will be active.


That's all. This is how you setup Automatic Payment with HostBee.

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